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Isn’t it tiring when you are getting late, but need to type that long text to a colleague before you get along with your other crucial works? Also that mundane search for an emoji you love to use from a vast pool of emoticons in your phone. Regular texting fanatics will familiarise to this difficulty pretty well.
Swiftkey Keyboard saves you that trouble by immediately recognizing and adapting to your writing style and responding by predictions. The keyboard deploys artificial intelligence and is also adept at identifying your suitable and most often used emoticons and stickers.


  • Word prediction, Emoji, and sticker prediction feature use artificial intelligence to adapt to the writing style of the user with 80+ colors, themes and designs available for keyboard and Efficient autocorrect option.
  • Supports 150+ languages and is Adaptive to names, colloquial terms and also Slangs.
  • Swipe type option available. Also available for Android. Although it supports emojis for Android 4.0 and above
  • and works offline too.
  • Multi device sync is available.
  • Supports online storage.
  • Efficient organizational tools
  • Comfortable layout.
  • Voice typing available.

How to use?
Swiftkey Keyboard can be installed from Google Play Store for free. The installation process barely occupies a few seconds. Once that is done, the user will have to enable the keyboard by selecting Swiftkey Keyboard from the menu of their phone settings. After the keyboard is enabled, it can be used. After usage of a couple of times at most the keyboard adapts to your writing style. The emojis and emoticons show up based on your frequency of use. The prediction method is excellent and very accurate. It enhances the pace of typing and typing errors can be evaded by the very efficient auto correct. The app also gets accustomed to the repeated usage of slangs, names and colloquial terms. That way the prediction for such words also becomes feasible. The 80+ colors and themes that are a part of the layout and incredible customisation features and give an appealing look to the keyboard. Emoticons, GIFs, and stickers are always a part of texting, and the app uses many in itself. Swiftkey Keyboard also has the voice typing for which the user has to utter out their text and automatically the text gets typed. Also, the swipe typing is operated by sliding your finger through a word instead of pressing each letter of the phrase. The keyboard is also supportive of multiple languages, and you can have access to auto correct in over 150 languages. Swiftkey keyboard with the emojis and stickers is simple to use, helpful and fun for its users.

By addressing these features and qualities of the app, it can be claimed that it is fit for all texting experts who seek their keyboard to support them. This app offers the prediction and autocorrect features at their best. So immediately get the app and make your texting experience better than ever.


Swiftkey Keyboard
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