The only difference between the real responses we show in person and use of emojis on the phones is that the real responses are innate and immediate while the emojis are to be searched first and then used.

The latter is a tiresome and confusing task as the available emojis are immense and to select any one particular emoji out of a pool can take forever.

The expression or the so-called natural response that we have is ephemeral. The amount of time that passes over the hunt of the most appropriate emoji is so long that by the time we find that apt emoji, the feeling passes away. This way there is an unnecessary lull in the conversation that interrupts the fun of the chat.

The APK that is discussed here today annihilates that lull or interruption from the chats.

About Swiftmoji emoji keyboard

Swiftmoji emoji keyboard is an advanced keyboard available for apps to assist you in attaining your emoji potential. The APK reduces your burden and finds the suitable emoji with each word that you type with its amazing emoji prediction facility.

This way the chats are paced up. The APK is creative. It endeavors to morph and match emojis to the text that is typed. It is refreshing as you come across the emojis that you’d forgotten about.  The APK is a creation of Swiftkey. The APK has been downloaded approved by more than 1 lac users since its launch.


Quickest emoji prediction
Used in Android 4.0 version and above
It can be downloaded from Google play store.
Has a download size of approximately 23 MB
Accurate autocorrect and next-word prediction in 61 languages.
The APK comes with its own merits and demerits. Some of the prominent ones are mentioned here-


Predictions are accurate
The apk is easily integrated to other gif keyboards
Customisable themes are available
The apk offers figures and stats on your usage.

The apk is free.
It can be used on all the apps on your phones.


The APK is not as customizable as other swiftkey keyboard
There can be more than 1 emoji prediction for a single word. This happens as the word can be interpreted in more than one ways. For instance – celebration.
Swiftmoji For Android

[appbox googleplay com.touchtype.swiftmoji]

Swiftmoji For iOS

[appbox appstore id1067357717]

According to a user,” Swiftkey had always been my favorite and now with this APK they have raised the class of the texting world.”

The APK is thus a necessity for any user who often uses emojis in their chats.  The APK enhances the speed of the chat and keeps the fun alive without any interruptions. Thus try Swiftmoji emoji to enjoy a quick and expressive way to chat.




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