Keyboard – Emoji, Emoticons

Keyboard - Emoji, Emoticons

Keyboard - Emoji, EmoticonsWith the technology taking over the world by a click, it has become a trend that people now prefer to express their emotions through written messages and chats. However, these do not let you express your feeling exclusively. That is why the Keyboard – Emoji, Emoticons app is a must have for your smart gadgets as it allows you to deal with the friends, family members, and even strangers smartly without saying even a single word. All you need to do is click that emoticon, and your feelings will be understood.

With this app, you get everything from the emojis world right on your keyboard. You can explore the colorful world and get engrossed in the images, stickers, moving icons, and even graphics. This would allow you and your friends to see the world from a different angle. You can have unlimited fun, and you can even irritate your friends anytime by sending these little bundles of joy, i.e. emojis.

How To Use?

Keyboard – Emoji, EmoticonsĀ app is available in your favorite play store and even works with the Android 4.0 users to the latest one. Be it any smart gadget; the app is there for you to personalize it. Once you install it on your cell, you need to select the in-app keyboard as your default keyboard and enjoy all the products from icons to stickers. If not then, you can simply activate the Keyboard – Emoji, Emoticons from the settings and you would be able to use it in integration with your inbuilt keyboard as well. The app store that comes with this app allows you to browse through a lot of related content and packages and you can install any of your favorites and use it in your chats to make them fun and worth remembering.


It is so amazing that you would get its full fledged integration on all the social networking platforms, be it the WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or even Allo. You would instantly get access to over 3000 keyboard emojis, emoticons, stickers, faces, and GIFs. Not only this, but it also functions as a full-time keyboard for your device if chosen to do so. This gives you a chance to customize your boring keyboard input to an amazing theme based input device. You can choose from over 1000 themes, gesture based typing.

With over 65 language support, it allows you to chat with people of many nations around the world. Another fantastic capability of this app is the app store which allows you to explore the whole new level of emotions based and theme based Gif and other stuff. The animations and fun along with the promise of not collecting the user’s personal information accentuate the app experience.


So, with Keyboard – Emoji, EmoticonsĀ app, the typing would never be the same as your experience would manifolds up. You would love to chat time and again. So what else do you need? Press that Install icon and get this fantastic app as soon as possible.


Keyboard - Emoji, Emoticons

Keyboard – Emoji, Emoticons
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