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Emojis are the best described as pictorial expressions and the original meaning of Emoji is a “Pictograph.” For every emotion you exert, there is an Emoji you can share, for every object, animal, and weather, you have an Emoji for them as well. In general, Emoji are used in an Electronic Message or on a Web Browser and are shared among friends.

Emojis first came into existence in the late 1990s in Japan and had increasingly grown popular after being included in the Appl’s iPhone for the first time and by Android next, and then into Facebook. Now, approximately 1 Billion Emojis are beeing used every day worldwide. Because they have grown insanely popular, everything we know has got an Emoji for it.



Emojis are available for all platforms; which include:
Android, iOS, Windows, PC & Mac and Web Browsers

At this point you might be wondering what does Emoji Mean, What does Emojis stand for,  some even seek Explanation of Emojis, but honestly, an Emoji Meaning is a smiley or an ideogram used in e-messages and web pages with their origination on Japanese mobiles.

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Different Emojis are small digital images or icons used for the expression of an idea or an emotion while communicating electronically. Communicating on the internet with the help of social media is much more than just typing a text and sending. Free Emojis for Computer emerged, as the fun in expressing feelings in a shorter form and the form signs in texting took on. Original Emoji word meaning ‘Pictograph’ itself was derived from the Japanese language where e means picture and “moji” means a character. Thus, all emojis are nothing but just the pictorial or symbolic representation of human emotions. These are used just like emoticons and exist in various genres including common objects, facial expressions, places, types of animals, flowers, food, nations, flags, occupation and so on. Currently,

Currently, all of the emojis are used everywhere from simple text messages to Instagram hashtags and Snapchat captions. However, there is a difference in emoticons and emojis. Emojis has gone so popular that even celebrities started rolling out their Emoji Apps that contain Emojis related to Celebrities. As of now, there are billions of new Emojis to see/view on a Computer/Laptop/Mobile.

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History of Emoji

Emoji has been around for a while, but do you ever wonder who invented emojis? Well, Emoji were initially used by the Japanese mobile operators, NTT DoCoMo, AU and SoftBank Mobile. The first emoji was created in 1998-1999 in Japan by Shigetaka Kurita, who was part of the team working on NTT DoCoMo’s i-mode mobile Internet platform. Kurita was the one who made emojis that we frequently use these days while chatting. Kurita created the first 180 emoji based when he got inspired from people communicating through facial expressions.

Kurita got the required motivation to invent emojis when he got to know about the symbols that weather forecasts used to show weather. He realized that if manga can use stock symbols to express emotions, there should be symbols to express human emotions in texting too. The first set of 172 12×12 pixel emoji was created as part of i-mode’s messaging features, and it served as a unique feature. He wanted to create a new way for the users to send pictorial messages back and forth but that too without using way too much data. So, he came up with the idea that used ‘codes’ instead of actual pictures and served the same purpose. Thus phones with emojis became a worldwide sensation and changed the way we communicated earlier.

Influence of Emojis

One of the well-respected collection of English words the Oxford Dictionary has settled on the word ‘emoji’ to be the word of the year for 2015. The advent of smartphones has made it the thing to look out for and the inclusion in the list of the well sought after ‘word of the year’ tag, the elite world has also accepted it. The influence of all the emojis is clear in the popular culture also. Swiftkey took a survey and concluded that the laughing face with tears happens to be the most used emoji on computers around the world.

The cultural influence of cool emojis is seen in practically every aspect of human life, especially the youngsters. The words fall short of explaining what a person goes through and using rare emojis for the particular situation helps a lot. It saves some time and is fun to use. The perfect example could be the ‘teasing emoji,’ where a smiling face is seen sticking its tongue out. It could be used after a risky joke where someone gets insulted to let them know that it was all just in good fun.

The times have changed so much so that, not using emojis could create some problems in the better understanding of a text. A crude joke pointed at someone could be taken seriously and lightly based on the use of emoji. The cultural and social influence of cool new emojis has been deeply engraved in the mindset of the youths.

Popular Emojis

Popular Emojis

Popular Emojis

Happy faces

These are the most commonly used copyable emojis that are being used all around the world. It is just a cute round smiling face that vibrates out happiness and positivity. There are many versions of the emoji, though, with a slight difference. For example- there is one happy face where the lips are wide, and there is other where the lips are kept narrow. They both signify slightly different emotions but broadly speaking; they are the same. The other versions of happy faces are happy-face with a sunglass, a happy face with a cold sweat, a happy face where the mouth is open and a happy face with the glasses on.

Flirty faces

There are emojis on a laptop with a smirk on the side; there are faces with winks. These are just two examples of dozens of emojis that are flirtatious. Other than that, there are kisses with closed eyes, kisses with open eyes and a heart oozing out of the lips. There are different versions with the same intention.

Sad Faces

There is free online emojis with sad faces, where the lips are curved downwards, the faces with tears, etc. Just like the smiling faces, there are countless versions of the sad faces used for different occasions. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to understand the meaning of emojis.

There are many other free copies and paste emojis such as the angry faces, the show off faces, the arrogant faces, the cute and the ugly faces. There happen to be an emoji for almost every other emotion like the sports emojis. Symbols for emojis are in demand, so the companies are coming up with new faces almost every other day. The WhatsApp update on codes for emojis is one great example of that.

Other old emojis are there acting up as objects such as fruit items, places, modes of transport. Basically, everything nowadays has their emoji, and some of these emojis in text form are also available.

Emoji Keyboards & Emoji Apps

There are thousands of Emoji Apps and Keyboards on the App stores of respective platforms. And hundreds of Emoji Keyboards and Apps are beeing released, but not all of them meet user expectations. So, we have categorized the Emojis Apps accordingly for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Blackberry, Cydia and few other platforms.

Here is a great video of the Emoji Changes on iOS 10

Phones That Have Emojis / Phones That Can Get Emojis

There are different products with their versions of the emojis. The apps like WhatsApp however, uses a list of emojis for their Android, iOS, and window device versions. The same goes for the iPad and other mediums where WhatsApp can be operated. However, there are some limitations for the devices using the Japanese emojis, such as some updates are early on the Android devices than the windows ones, and hence, the window versions of the emoji may not show anything at all but some blank shapes. In case you are wondering if using emojis icons is free, then the answer is yes.

Speaking about the brands or Phone companies that support Emojis, Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, OnePlus, and several others support Emojis. We will include each brand that supports and we will provide our best to your satisfaction.

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